November 1, 2011 / Weddings

Trevor + Gaston Married!! | Sudbury Wedding Photographer


Ahhhh…. Gaston and Trevor… Trevor and Gaston… what can I say.. I just love these two. 15 years… 15 years these two have been together, waiting for that right time to get married.. to tie the knot and make it offical. I thank my lucky STARS that everything worked out so that I could be there for -this day-. This monumental day. It almost didn’t happen… but the universe rearranged itself;  the stars re-aligned.. and I was there.

As you look through these images you are going to see why I fell so in love with them. These two are surrounded by the most loving family.. not to mention most hilarious –always a bonus in my books.. the most gorgeous niece’s and nephew –you’ll see that for yourself.. and the most genuine, sweet, real and mature love for one another. I feel so blessed to have been invited into their lives.

Friends, meet Gaston and Trevor…

How many ways are there to spell FIERCE??!!