I am so incredibly honoured and beyond floored that one of my images was selected for one of the world’s most prestigious wedding photography awards, Junebug’s, Best of the Best 2012 Gallery. The best wedding photos of the year. Me?? What?? How unbelievably crazy… to see my name alongside photographer’s that have inspired me for so long. Daniel Aguilar, Citlalli Rico, Jenny Jiminez.. Fer Juaristi…Davina and Daniel.. Ben Chrisman.. Marcus Bell.. Susan Stripling.. the list goes on and on. This is definitely one of those BIG life moments for me. Even after receiving the email two weeks ago.. and reading it 4 times in total disbelief.. I still didn’t quite think my image would be there when I looked through the gallery…but then there it was suddenly.. my little pic.. it was there.. I hope I never forget that moment.

A special thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Daniel Aguilar for allowing me to join him this year for not one, but two weddings. My winning image was actually one I took at a wedding I shot with him at Xcaret in Playa del Carmen, Mexico -Arianna and Nate you are awesome! Thank you so much Dani for trusting me and my vision.. far more than I even trusted myself. I owe you much my friend. Congratulations to all of my awesome friends in that list!! You are too brilliant for words. So, so grateful to have such a warm and wonderful group of amazingly inspiring photographers to call friends. Love you guys.

And so, please click the image below to check out the 50 World’s Best Wedding photographs of 2012.. they will blow your mind…