Eric and Nilah are two of a kind. As I was editing this Sault Ste. Marie brunch wedding, I dubbed my quirky bride,  Nilah of Many Faces.. her expressions are absolutely priceless… just like she is. Eric, the quiet artist..on this day it was everything he could do to control the grinning from ear to ear… his love for Nilah shone all day long.

An afternoon brunch wedding.. a house full of antiques and amazing curiosities.. a few brilliant personalities.. and a whole lot of love… a recipe for perfection if you ask me. Friends, meet Eric and Nilah… their story is just beginning. love these two to pieces.

Ceremony: Shingwauk Auditorium at Algoma University.
Reception: The Iron Club.

Ceremony: Coffee & tea by Cafe Natura
Reception: Rosetta Sicoli at The Iron Club

Dress by Sophia & Camilla  Custom Bridesmaid Dresses: Seams of Sinai

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