When I first met Kandis and Scott, I just knew their wedding was going to be special.. because Kandis and Scott are special. Especially Kandis….sorry, Scott…

From the moment I met Kandis the excitement she had for her wedding just bubbled out of her. Now, just to clarify.. Kandis wasn’t my typical client. Typically, the brides who seem to book me are a little bit edgy and artsy. They want something “different”. Well, not our Kandis.. instead, Kandis is genuine and real and sweet as apple pie. I still remember when discussing ideas for their engagement session, her saying promptly, “Shauna, I don’t want any dirty alleys with dumpsters and graffiti . I want pretty flowers.. that’s more me.” I remember in that moment feeling scared. Flowers? Could I deliver pretty flowers? Would this bride like my work?! Uh oh….

It turns out all my worries were for naught. Not only did the three of us have the most awesome adventure shooting their engagement photos, but their wedding turned out to be one of the most rewarding all year. With a family this full of love and appreciation for one another, and a couple so deeply, truly in love that it shines for the whole world to see.. well, really how can you go wrong? I love you both to the moon and back. Thank you so much for sharing your big day, and for all the awesome you’ve sent my way since.  Oh, see that hot blonde at the far right of the pic? Kandis’s maid of honour, Paige? Well, her kick ass wedding will be up here next year. Can’t wait.


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