Shauna Heron Photography

I have a rule about booking New Year’s Eve weddings.. that rule is that I don’t book New Year’s Eve weddings. Ever.

When Tamara and Andy called and told me all about the small, intimate little wedding they were planning at Archeo in the Distillery District — one of my fave restaurants — I just couldn’t say no. I could tell by talking to them that these were people I could hang with. These were people I wouldn’t mind spending my New Year’s eve with. And that.. I’d probably regret not spending my NYE with them. I just couldn’t resist them.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a rule breaker.. so break that rules I did. We also broke a low temperature record by shooting in -30 degrees.. yes, you read that right… -30 C. Toronto was experiencing a crazy cold spell that was so bitter the air actually hurt. These two kept me warm though with all the laughs and love…and the little bun in the oven that Tamara was carrying around certainly helped too! xo

Friends, without further adieu.. please meet Tamara & Andy.

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