I have a rule about booking New Year’s Eve weddings.. that rule is that I don’t book New Year’s Eve weddings.

When Tamara & Andy called and told me all about the intimate Distillery District wedding they were planning at Archeo (one of my fave restaurants), I just couldn’t say no. I could tell by the first phone call that these were people I could hang with –that I wouldn’t mind spending my New Year’s eve with. In fact, I’d probably regret not spending my NYE with them. I just couldn’t resist.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a rule breaker.. so break that rules I did. We also broke a low temperature record by shooting in -30 C. Yes, you read that right… -30 C… crazy, right?

So, without further adieu, friends, meet Tamara and Andy and their stylish Archeo wedding photos!

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