I’ve been dying to share this wedding for the longest time, but you know me, I’m a terrible blogger and with my winter full of weddings -seriously, what is up with that?!– I just haven’t had the chance to go through and select my faves. Well, the time has come!!

Kyle and Alyssa came to me through a wonderful referral that I will be eternally grateful for. Referrals from other photographers mean so much –it’s not only a compliment to have their trust, but I get to meet and work with people that would never have found me on their own. Like these two gems I first met on a freezing cold Toronto evening after somehow mixing up Starbucks locations –two different locations on one street!? Rather then be flustered by our confusion, Kyle and Alyssa didn’t hesitate to run out into the cold, wet night to find their wayward photographer (Alyssa is an ER doctor so this was peanuts compared to what she’s used to)–and in that moment I knew I couldn’t let these two go. Amazing people with a clear vision of how they wanted their day to unfold and, like all of my clients, their focus was on family and moments above all else.

I hope that you feel Kyle and Alyssa’s personalities and sense of humour shine through these photos. A fine example of what these two are all about happened during the getting ready when Alyssa opened her wedding day gift to find an AppleTV box. What a thoughtful gift.. though somewhat unusual… I thought to myself…kinda cool! Alyssa eyed the box carefully and with grace and a smile she remarked on how much she’s always wanted an AppleTV! Then, as she moved to stand up, to all of our surprise, out of the AppleTV box slips a gorgeous Tiffany bracelet! Kyle, you won so many points with me here –clearly, you’re a keeper! Oh and check out the Lion Dance that kicked off the reception —Chung’s Martial Arts Academy killed it!! An amazing Chinese tradition that I feel all weddings need.