December 24, 2012 / Weddings

Amber + Jason | Bryston's on the Park


This sweet little Sudbury wedding was my second last of the season. So, I guess I’m sort of blogging backwards. Bear with me while I catch up my friends; there are many weddings to come… Now, on to Amber and Jason. These two have a special kind of love. Both Amber and Jason are adventurers true. When I met this couple, Jason was working in Russia.. by the time the wedding rolled around that fall, he was working in Brazil. Amber is no stranger to moving all over God’s green earth either…nor to trying every vocation under the sun. Her and I are definitely kindred spirits. We both possess a bit of the wanderlust.. or maybe it’s just ADHD… I digress.

Somehow, despite all of the distance and time spent -not- in Sudbury, these two found a way to meet. To fall in love. To put down roots. Together. And while Jason is more often gone than he is home, these two have a connection and love that is so strong, it binds them and feeds them across the distances. Their passion is truly a sight to behold. Friends, meet Amber and Jason…