When I first met Gaston and Trevor a few years back, it was for a wedding consult. I was so excited to think that these two might hire ME for their big day. Well, hire me they did…I think their wedding was the third or fourth I’d ever shot. It was a wedding I will never forget and am so grateful they chose to share it with me. I vividly remember watching the two of them that day with all of their nieces and nephews.. I saw the love they shared for one another.. heard about all of the amazing things they do for them.. like converting their entire back yard into an ice skating rink!! .. and thought to myself (and out loud).. these guys would make the best parents.

Fast forward a couple of years and they’ve become just that. Baby Harrison is a lucky, lucky boy to be adopted by this wonderful, handsome, caring and hilarious couple… and Gaston and Trevor a lucky, lucky couple of guys to have found this happy, magnificent little boy. The happiness just beams out of him… and them. The perfect match.

Oh. and don’t think this story is over… it’s only beginning.. baby #2, Harrison’s sister has arrived and she is just as glorious as her brother. Stay tuned to meet her very soon <3